Part 1 on the Saturn port here:

Japanese title: 幻想水滸伝
Release date: 3-26-1998
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCG Aoyama and Media Entertainment (port)
Platform: Windows 95 CD-ROM

The third and final video I’ll be producing for the #SummerOfSuikoden 2017 collaboration, this is part two in a planned three-part video series covering the various Japan-only ports of the original Suikoden. I look at the hard-to-find and rarely brought up PC port of Konami’s classic RPG, which brings many unique changes to the game that, at the time, was only possible with the Power of the PC™.

HUGE THANKS to my friend Andrew from Retro Island Gaming for helping me get some shots of his PC game collection, that gorgeous shot of Kailua Beach, and for being an overall supportive guy and motivator for me to complete this video. Please take a look at this truly & criminally UNDERVIEWED videos at his YouTube channel. Really great stuff on JRPGs and PC games that need a bigger audience.

Andrew’s channel:

Summer Of Suikoden playlist:

Gameplay was captured using the Elgato Game Capture HD, and video/audio was edited using Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite, Version 12.

Other games featured in this video are Suikoden (Konami, PS1) and Gensou Suikoden (Konami, Saturn). I did sneak in some footage of Final Fantasy VII and some audio from Chrono Cross…did you catch either of them?

The music used for this video are all tracks from the featured game except for one, which “Eternal Empire” from the Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection 2 arrange album.

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