This is gameplay from God Of War: Ghost of Sparta using the latest PPSSPP 1.5 emulator. All settings were MAXED out on an i7-6700k with an Nvidia GTX 980. Upscaled in PPSSPP to 4k 2160p and recorded at 60 FPS.

My recording software suffered a slow down between 6:44 and 7:28 but this shouldn’t affect the rest of the video 🙂

God Of War Ghost of Sparta is a notoriously difficult game to emulate on lower end hardware. With enough power though, you can upscale the textures in game to 4K and run it at 60FPS to boot.

The machine used here was an Intel i7-6700k at stock clock speeds with an NVidia GTX 980 Graphics card. With no lag or slowdowns, the footage looks great and can really show of how great compared to a regular Sony PSP that God of War Ghost of Sparta can look in PPSSPP

PLEASE NOTE: This video of God Of War Ghost of Sparta being emulated on the emulator PPSSPP is for educational purposes only.

GAME: God of War Ghost Of Sparta PPSSPP 1.5