This is God of War running on the Nvidia Shield 2017 Android TV Box using the emulator Damon PS2 Pro. For those not aware DamonPS2 Pro is a new emulator for android that runs a lot of Playstation 2 games at full speed or almost!

God of War is almost fully Playable with the DamonPS2 Pro Gameplay test that I show off here on the Nvidia Shield.

Even though the DamonPS2 Emulator is only just out, it’s emulating some Playstation 2 games at almost full FPS. The recommended device to use is one that contains either a SnapDragon 835 CPU like the OnePlus 5T here or the Nvidia Shield TV 2017 Android Box here

This footage was captured on the OnePlus 5T using the Damon PS2 Pro emulator version 0.940-pro available here and the screen recorder called DU Recorder here