Tested out Damon PS2 Pro on the Oneplus 5T and managed to run Project Zero II (PAL) or Fatal Frame II (USA) at Full Speed! This is faster than my previous Nvidia Shield TV 2017 gameplay test. The OnePlus5T is a machine with the Snapdragon 835 SOC onboard https://goo.gl/oj9UNd

The more I use DamonPS2 Pro on android, the more it feels like an amazing emulator. You will need a powerful device to run most PS2 games but as they work more on this emulator, the better the emulation will be.

Project Zero II or Fatal Frame II is one of my favourite Horror games and being able to play it back at full 50FPS (50 FPS is the highest PAL games will go) is awesome! This gameplay test of Damon PS2 Pro was shot and recorded on the new OnePlus 5T.

Even though the DamonPS2 Emulator is only just out, it’s emulating some Playstation 2 games at almost full FPS. The recommended device to use is one that contains a SnapDragon 835 CPU like the OnePlus 5T here https://goo.gl/oj9UNd

This footage was captured on the OnePlus 5T using the Damon PS2 Pro emulator version 0.940-pro available here https://goo.gl/xsjMvN and the screen recorder called DU Recorder here https://goo.gl/taVDPb