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Japanese title: キャッツラン全日本Kカー選手権
Release date: 7-14-1995
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Varie
Platform: Nintendo Super Famicom

An overview on one of the little Japan-only racers that could, and could have been so much more–Kat’s Run: All Japan K-Car Championship by Atlus and Varie for the Nintendo Super Famicom.

Big thanks to John Mark Rhoades for helping me record co-op footage for this video–check his Japan-themed channel out:

And thank you all for watching.

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Gameplay was captured using the Elgato Game Capture HD, and video/audio was edited using Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite, Version 12.

Other games featured are Super Mario World (Nintendo, Super Famicom), Pilot Wings (Nintendo, Super Famicom), Akumajou Dracula (Konami, Super Famicom), Ace wo Nerae! (Nippon Telenet, Super Famicom), Final Fantasy VI (Squaresoft, Super Famicom), and Outrun (Sega, Mega Drive).

All music was taken from the game Kat’s Run, with the exception of a small segment from Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki (Legend of the Mystical Ninja) for Super Famicom.