This is the Bittboy v3.5! In this video, I take a look at this little emulation handheld. I’ve reviewed V2 before but this fixes all the issues it had!
It has a similar form factor as the original Game Boy this Retro emulation Handheld has tempered glass, so it’s a perfect Portable mini retro gaming device.

Check this handheld out at Retromimi :

Emulators it runs:
Gameboy, gameboy color, GBA, NES, SMS, Megadrive, Atari 2600,Lynx,PC engine Arcade/MAME,Neogeo,DOS,Pokemini,wonderswan,PS1

Ports and games:
ASCII, Cannonball, cave story, cdogs, digger, doom, heretic, hexen, KOF, liero, dr drillux, openbor, tyrian, pan, quake, quake2, rott sdlpal, sod, sorr, strife, tombstone, wolfstein3d

Review topics:
unboxing: 0:23
cleaning screen & coil whine: 1:19
scratch test: 2:35
Button test, screen & build quality: 3:00
Brightness & volume: 3:44
sound quality: 4:04
skins: 5:11
settings: 5:25
emulators & ports: 5:51