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In this video, I show you how to easily add more games to your Sega Genesis Mini or Sega Mega Drive Mini using Project Lunar!
The Developers have done an amazing job with Thai and also made it very simple to add games to genesis mini internal storage!

Get Project LUNAR Here:

Troubleshooting Project LUNAR:

How To Use Project Lunar:

ModMyClassic Swebsite:

Project LUNAR Credits:
* Swingflip – Developer
* TulioAdriano – Developer
* Cyanic – Developer
* Wraith – Developer
* CompCom – Developer
* Defkorns – Developer & Chief UAT Tester
* Enderling – Graphics & UI Design
* Fred_PJ – Graphics & ES Sound Artist
* Z-10 – Boot Menu Sound Artist
* ScreenScraper – Website
* TheGameDB – Website
* Team Shinkansen – FEL lib

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