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The new amd Athlon 3000G is a marginal improvement over the Athlon 200GE, except that it can Overclock a lot for best benchmark results.

Here is the crazy stuff you can do with athlon 3000g gaming.

#Athlon3000g #LowSpecGaming

DISCLAIMER: Any overclock implies pushing your CPU and motherboard highers than the manufacturers intended safe limits. There is risk of degradation. Do your research and understand your risks if you Overclock.

Tweaks for games I tried:

Far Cry 5:
Red Dead Redemption 2:
Star Wars Jedi Fallen order:
Apex Legends:
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:
wolfenstein 2, the new colossus:
Witcher 3:

Motherboard: MSI Gaming Plus B350
RAM: 3000 MHz DDR4 Dual Channel

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