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Android is now available for the Raspberry Pi 4 in the form of an unofficial Linages OS 16.0 build courtesy of KonstaKANG keep I. Mind this an early build and its not recommend for everyday use but it’s still pretty amazing to android 9 runnings natively on the Raspberry Pi4!
IF you would like me to make a tutorial video for installing Android on the Pi 4 just let me know in the comments below but in this video, we just take a look at how it performs on a Raspberry Pi 4 overclocked to 2.14Ghz on the CPU and 700Mhz on the GPU, I test out some youtube video playback, Minecraft pocket edition and even Mupen 64.
Don’t expect to run PubG or Call of Duty mobile on the raspberry pi 4 anytime soon but overall for a first release, it’s not bad.

Get Android for the Pi 4 Here:

How to Install Google Play Android Raspberry Pi 4:

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