The setup for Ryujinx has already changed, so a new guide was needed!
This covers everything you need to know to get Ryujinx working properly.


Updated guide:


Nand packages:
Dump/get them yourself.
If your game is .xci you can also use that to

Prod Keys:
Dump/get them yourself
Make sure it’s recent with the Key_area_key_application_0a key included for fw 9.1!

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0:12 Changes in Ryujinx (skip if you haven’t used Ryujinx before)
0:42 Download Ryujinx
1:24 Open Ryujinx
1:43 Prod.Keys location
2:10 Install NAND/Firmware
2:45 Ryujinx settings
3:08 Add games to Ryujinx
3:38 Input settings
4:11 System settings
4:56 Controller deadzone settings
5:36 Install OpenAL!
5:46 Gameplay proof (Binding of Isaac)
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Animal crossing guide:

Setup yuzu (another Switch emulator):

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