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Huge thanks to the kind folks at the SNESdrunk Discord for being such a massive help with this one!

[0:00] Foreman For Real, “Title Screen”
[2:30] NBA Live 96, “Intro Theme”
[4:21] Super Off-Road, “Sidewinder”
[6:01] Super Turrican 2, “Wormland”
[8:49] Wagyan Paradise, “Roller Coaster”
[10:14] Top Gear, “Las Vegas”
[12:29] ActRaiser, “Filmore”
[15:27] Soul Blazer, “Underground Castle”
[18:33] F-Zero, “Big Blue”
[21:24] Super Bomberman 3, “Battle”
[24:11] Dolucky no Puzzle Tour ’94, “Final Battle”
[27:18] Kirby Super Star, “Gourmet Race”
[29:27] Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, “Boss Battle 2”
[31:49] Chrono Trigger, “Boss Battle 2”
[34:19] Final Fantasy VI, “The Airship Blackjack”
[37:03] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, “Sewer Surfin'”
[38:36] Plok, “Beach”
[43:39] Star Fox, “Fortuna”
[45:34] EarthBound, “City Bus Ride”
[48:25] Winter Gold, “Intro”
[50:24] Super Bomberman 3, “Credits”
[52:29] Energy Breaker, “Berserker”
[55:02] Romancing SaGa 3, “Four Noble Devils”
[59:14] Street Fighter II Turbo, “Guile”
[1:01:25] UN Squadron, “Thunderstorm Stealth Bomber and Wolfpack”
[1:04:15] Mega Man X2, “Magna Centipede”
[1:07:04] Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage, “Main Theme”
[1:08:54] Uniracers, “2nd Race”
[1:12:41] Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, “Battle Theme”
[1:14:45] Accele Brid, “G Bowman Circuit”
[1:17:24] Earthworm Jim, “Snot a Problem”
[1:20:14] Super Turrican, “Stage 2-4”
[1:23:04] Secret of Mana, “Calm Before the Storm”
[1:25:00] Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, “Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure”
[1:28:25] Super Adventure Island, “Stage 1”
[1:31:10] Top Gear 2, “Title Theme”
[1:33:15] Kirby’s Dream Land 3, “Grass Land 4”
[1:35:12] Killer Instinct, “Fulgore”
[1:36:29] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, “Area 1 City”
[1:39:21] Pop’n Twinbee, “Ocean”
[1:40:39] Super Bomberman 5, “Bomber Bowling”
[1:41:39] Mega Man X, “Armored Armadillo”
[1:44:24] Super Mario Kart, “Battle Mode”
[1:47:11] Winter Gold, “Menus”
[1:48:34] Top Gear, “Title Theme”
[1:52:42] Space Megaforce, “Black Hole Anomalies”
[1:54:57] FIFA International Soccer, “Title”
[2:00:32] EarthBound, “Your Name, Please”
[2:03:34] Chrono Trigger, “Guardia Millenial Fair”
[2:06:36] Star Fox, “Corneria”
[2:09:28] Foreman For Real, “Tournament”
[2:11:19] Kaizou Choujin Shibubibinman Zero, “Attack”
[2:13:26] Mega Man X, “Spark Mandrill”
[2:15:07] UN Squadron, “Supply Truck Assault”
[2:17:52] Aero Fighters, “America”
[2:20:03] Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, “Doom Castle”
[2:22:59] Tales of Phantasia, “Fighting of the Spirit”
[2:25:54] Super Off-Road, “Intro”
[2:28:01] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, “Technodrome – Let’s Kick Shell!”
[2:29:35] Kirby’s Dream Land 3, “Hyper Zone 1”
[2:31:15] Super Castlevania IV, “Bloody Tears”
[2:33:05] Romancing SaGa 3, “The Last Battle”
[2:38:04] Final Fantasy V, “Main Theme”
[2:40:28] Final Fantasy VI, “Setzer’s Theme”
[2:42:04] Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, “Batland Castle”
[2:44:18] Kat’s Run: Zen Nihon K-Car Senshuken, “Street Race 1”
[2:45:38] Star Fox 2, “Macbeth”
[2:47:27] Cybernator, “Asteroid Run”
[2:49:41] F-Zero, “Mute City”
[2:52:12] Uchuu Race: Astro Go! Go!, “Sweetcat Lake”
[2:55:55] Super R-Type, “Solo Sortie”

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