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Dual System:
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The Retroid Pocket is a low-cost Android handheld that can run a huge library of retro gaming titles. In this review, I cover some of the key differences between the two models of the device along with an overview of the emulation performance. The Retroid Pocket is capable of running N64, PS1, PSP, GBA, DS, MAME, FBA, and cloud gaming apps like Steam Link and Moonlight.

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CPU: A7@1.5GHz
GPU: Mali 400 mp2 @ 500 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 4 GB + 32-128 GB
Battery: 4000 mAH
Display: 3.5 inch 640×480 (4:3 aspect ratio)
Network: BT 4.0 / 2.4 GHz Wifi
Dual/Single Boot Android 6

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