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[0:00] Dual Orb II, “Peaceful Village”
[2:21] Mario Paint, “BGM 3”
[5:47] Uncharted Waters: New Horizons, “Mast of the Mist”
[7:30] Waterworld, “Diving”
[12:58] Drakkhen, “Water Area – Night”
[14:31] Ihatovo Monogatari, “Ihatovo City”
[17:45] Illusion of Gaia, “In the Earthen Womb”
[20:27] The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, “Kakariko Village”
[23:34] Final Fantasy VI, “Kids Run Through the City”
[26:08] Bahamut Lagoon, “Friendship”
[28:53] E.V.O. Search for Eden, “Birthplace of All Life”
[31:27] Tengai Makyou Zero, “Higan’s Sadness”
[34:15] Donkey Kong Country, “Life in the Mines”
[38:43] Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra, “Night”
[41:02] Treasure Hunter G, “An Enticing Town”
[43:31] SimCity, “City”
[46:22] Super Black Bass 3, “Intro”
[47:36] Secret of Mana, “Fear of the Heavens”
[49:12] Pilotwings, “Bad Points”
[51:27] Rockman & Forte, “Database Theme”
[54:19] Chrono Trigger, “Schala’s Theme”
[56:58] Terranigma, “Christa/Crystal Blue”
[58:52] Elfaria, “Elfaria, Wind Land”
[1:00:26] Last Bible III, “Hometown”
[1:03:11] Rudra no Hihou, “Holiday in the Village”
[1:05:54] Super Bombmerman 3, “Planet Select 2”
[1:11:41] Kirby Super Star, “Save Hut”
[1:13:18] Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, “The Flying Duckman”
[1:19:48] Donkey Kong Country 3, “Water World”
[1:22:44] Lennus 2: Fuuin no Shito, “Spirit Shrine”
[1:24:27] Dragon Quest V, “Town Ruins”
[1:27:19] Live-A-Live, “Warm-A-Live”
[1:29:31] Mr Nutz, “Ice Scream”
[1:32:55] Equinox, “Quagmire”
[1:36:11] Drakkhen, “Earth Area – Night”
[1:39:28] Tengai Makyou Zero, “Dark Town”
[1:41:43] Dragon Quest VI, “Overworld Theme”
[1:44:36] Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventure, “Pastel Forest”
[1:46:04] Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, “Welcome to Booster Tower”
[1:47:34] SimCity, “Town”
[1:49:16] Last Bible 3, “Memories”
[1:51:46] Dual Orb II, “Town 1”
[1:54:18] Donkey Kong Country 2, “Forest Interlude”
[1:58:44] Ihatovo Monogatari, “Snow Passage Village”
[2:00:50] Hourai Gakuen no Bouken, “Christmas”
[2:02:35] Lennus 2: Fuuin no Shito, “Shrine of Farus”
[2:04:36] ’96 Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken, “Staff Roll”
[2:07:24] Rudra no Hihou, “Change of Mind”
[2:10:40] Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou, “Village”
[2:13:14] Laplace no Ma, “Sleepy Town in 1924”
[2:14:34] Shin Momotarou Densetsu, “Cave”
[2:16:08] Bahamut Lagoon, “Desert Daphira”
[2:17:56] Donkey Kong Country 3, “Treetop Trumble”
[2:20:28] Treasure Hunter G, “My Rural Town”
[2:22:57] F-Zero, “Select Time”
[2:25:48] Dark Law, “Scenario Clear”
[2:27:34] Tetris Attack, “Moon Stage”
[2:30:23] EarthBound, “Boy Meets Girl”
[2:32:38] Elfaria, “Canana, Water Land”
[2:34:11] Ancient Magic: Bazoe! Mahou Sekai, “Menu”
[2:36:36] Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, “Troubled Town”
[2:39:35] Secret of the Stars, “Death”
[2:42:05] Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, “Start of the Journey”
[2:44:41] Romancing SaGa 2, “Strangeness – Victor’s Death”
[2:47:48] Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, “Awakening”
[2:50:29] Waterworld, “Shop”
[2:52:45] Seiken Densetsu 3, “Return to Forever”
[2:57:22] Contra III: The Alien Wars, “Ending Theme”

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