The PS4 scene gets some awesome spotlight this month with the Mira Project now being released, allowing advanced users to compile and get to test out the framework for the future. We also get to see a bit of @Lance McDonald’s work on Bloodborne with an excellent example of vastly improving game performance thanks to modifications. This episode contains no spoilers any upcoming games, but leaks are discussed with the immense amount of Nintendo console data to leak out, Diddy Kong Racing Adventure, and explaining how exactly The Last of Us 2 had such a massive leak. Oh, and Super Mario 64 will be the new DOOM porting exercise at this rate.




0:00 – Introduction
1:45 – Bloodborne 60 FPS Patch
6:34 – Mira Project Released
16:03 – Chimeric Systems Interposer Board
19:10 – The Nintendo Leak Waterfall
31:25 – Folding@home
33:33 – How The Last of Us 2 Leaked
40:39 – Diddy Kong Racing Adventure on Xbox Leaked
42:02 – Yet Another Strike Wave of Switch Modding Content
45:08 – Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 ODE
47:48 – Super Mario 64 Gets Ported to Everything
51:13 – Outro


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