A major limitation of installing PKG files from a USB device on the PS3 is being forced to stick to the FAT32 file system. You typically have to take an extra step to format large drives to this, and this file system doesn’t support any files larger than 4 GB in size. However thanks to a write-up posted by PSX-Place user Louay, we now have a clear cut method of installing any PKG files from exFAT or NTFS USB drives! This does not require FTP transfers, nor does it require splitting up a PKG, just copy it to the correct folder and mount it!

This method of PKG installation requires you to have either a jailbroken PS3 console running custom firmware or a console modified with PS3HEN. This video will assume you already own a modified console and have at least a basic understanding of how to navigate it. webMAN MOD and prepISO will be required in order for this to work, if you choose to follow along. Lastly, you will still need a FAT32 formatted USB drive to do the initial installations of webMAN MOD and prepISO, after that any PKG files you wish to install can be copied to an exFAT or NTFS formatted USB drive.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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How to Jailbreak Your PS3 on Firmware 4.86 or Lower:

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Easily Activate PKG Games on PS3HEN:

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