Time to revisit and rebuild a RGH 1.2! I originally built this RGH 1.2 console in 2017 for a few videos, but I didn’t get much personal usage out of it. Upon hearing @Adam Koralik talk about region restrictions for the Xbox 360, I reached out to him and offered to donate this console as I’d rather see some good hardware get put to use as opposed to sitting around here. About 2 years and 1 quarantine later, Adam finally took a look at this system and discovered the DVD drive wouldn’t detect any games! I offered to take a look at it and after talking further, we assembled a game plan to repair and upgrade the console. The following has been done to this console:

– Applications Updated
– Cleaned & Repasted
– Dashboard Updated
– DVD Drive Properly Flashed
– RGH 1.2 Install Redone
– SSD Upgrade to 1 TB
– Xbox Backwards Compatibility Updated & Whitelisted

After getting the console back rebuilt and upgraded, Adam delved fully into it and chronicled his adventures into Xbox 360 modding for the first time here!

This video is not meant to be used to follow along or used as a tutorial, this was all just a fun process I recorded and thought some of you might enjoy watching. If you’re looking for something more informational, here’s a few previous videos I’ve done.

So You Want to Buy a Xbox 360? – Revisions, Modifications, & Recommendations!

How to RGH 1.2 a Xbox 360:

How to Find Proper RGH 1.2 Wiring:

JTAG & RGH Starter App Pack:

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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0:00 – Intro
7:03 – Teardown
10:59 – DVD Drive
24:16 – RGH 1.2
52:02 – Repasting
1:11:09 – Rebuilding
1:16:49 – SSD Install
1:27:20 – Software Configuration
1:48:47 – The Sendoff


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