Trying my hand at a “mini” episode of ModChat in which I only cover one topic, this time around being FreeDVDBoot from CTurt! This is the latest homebrew scene development and release for the PS2, and the biggest one at that. Now making unsigned code run on a PS2 easier and faster than we’ve ever seen, this utilizes a flaw in the PS2’s DVD Player which allows the end-user in the end to simply burn a FreeDVDBoot disc, boot it on an unmodified PS2 like a regular DVD, and launch homebrew as easy as that! In this episode I go over a bit of how it works, why this is important, demo it out several times, and give some final thoughts over what we could look forward to.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:03 – FreeDVDBoot Released
4:59 – Existing PS2 Mods Explained
10:15 – FreeDVDBoot Explained
15:38 – Setup & Demo of FreeDVDBoot
18:47 – Further Explanation
27:35 – Practical Usage of FreeDVDBoot
33:22 – Trying FreeDVDBoot in Other Consoles
37:52 – Outro


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