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We’ll be delving into some Open PS2 Loader content here soon, but first let’s get OPL updated! This tutorial will show you how to take an existing install of OPL on something such as a FreeMCBoot memory card and get it updated to the latest beta build of OPL 0.9.3

This video assumes you already have a modified PS2 console with access to OPL through a method such as FreeMCBoot, FreeHDBoot, FreeDVDBoot, Fortuna, etc.

#PS2 #PS2Modding #OPL

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Prerequisites
1:48 – Downloading OPL
6:05 – Updating OPL
7:48 – Optional Reconfiguration


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Downloads & More!

Latest OPL 0.9.3 Beta:


How to Softmod Any Fat PS2 with FreeMCBoot & FreeHDBoot:

How to Install FreeMCBoot with FreeDVDBoot:

How to Install FreeMCBoot on Any PS2 Slim with FunTuna:

How to Install Fortuna (FMCB Alternative) with FreeDVDBoot:


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