This week is a bit on the longer side but we also have some lengthier conversations to go overly, namely this recent patent that Sony filed which shows a DLSS-like feature which could be for future PS5 software. Then we have a few rumors regarding PS5 games like Gran Turismo 7 and Spider-Man Miles Morales, but perhaps the worst offenders here is just everyone claiming to have PS5 info when in actuality almost no one does. Also PS5 trended a lot on Twitter. Yeah, they’re very popular. 19+ million followers on Twitter, practically Internet famous.

Digital Foundry’s Checkerboard Rendering vs. DLSS Video:

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0:00 – Intro
0:05 – PS Plus Reminder
0:54 – Firmware 8.0 Supports Authenticator Apps
1:20 – Cuphead Available on PS4
2:51 – Ghost of Tsushima Praise from SEGA Director
4:07 – Leaked Photos of PS5 Shell & Case
5:55 – PS5 Tops Twitter Global Trends
6:30 – Poll Shows PS5 Interest Higher
7:55 – GT7 Labeled as ‘Launch Window’
10:00 – Miles Morales Comes With Remastered PS4 Edition?
11:28 – Sony Patents DLSS-Like Feature
14:54 – Project Athia is Open World
16:19 – GameReactor Leaks Not-So-Secret PS5 Feature
17:49 – Gabe Newell Thinks Xbox is Better
19:19 – PS5 Rumors Getting Out of Hand
22:44 – Taiwan Supply Chain Expects 120-170 Million PS5’s
24:27 – PlayStation Documentary Release Date
25:07 – Let’s Talk Plus
25:30 – Housekeeping

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