Installing FreeMCBoot on a memory card has been made infinitely easier thanks to FreeDVDBoot! This doesn’t require you to find a pre-loaded memory card, perform a swap trick, or have a modchip. This method is without a doubt the easiest method of installing FreeMCBoot on a completely unmodified PS2! As long as you have a USB drive on hand and the ability to burn a DVD, you’re all set assuming you have a compatible console.

Keep in mind that FreeDVDBoot is completely reliant on the specific DVD Player version your PlayStation 2 has. With time FreeDVDBoot will be ported to work on more consoles, but for the time being you need to make sure your console is on a specific version. At the moment, every Slim console works with this method, with more support expected for Fat consoles.

How to Install Fortuna Project (FMCB Alternative) with FreeDVDBoot:

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0:00 – Prerequisites
2:42 – Checking FreeDVDBoot Compatibility
4:51 – Downloads
8:30 – USB & DVD Setup
12:43 – Installing FreeMCBoot
15:48 – Installing OPL
19:38 – Demo of OPL


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FreeDVDBoot Compatibility List:



FreeMCBoot Installer:

Latest OPL 0.9.3 Beta:



How to Play Games from USB Using OPL:

How to Install FreeMCBoot on Any PS2 Slim with FunTuna:

How to Install Fortuna Project (FMCB Alternative) with FreeDVDBoot:

How to Softmod Any Fat PS2 with FreeMCBoot & FreeHDBoot:


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