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Dual-Boot firmware for PS3 has been around for several years, however this isn’t a dual-booting solution in the traditional sense many people would think of. When considering dual-booting a console, typically this means the console would have access to boot into two different firmwares to accomplish different things. Usage of this as an example could be a dual-NAND setup for the Xbox 360, with one side to allow for clean online access and the other side having a modified NAND for unsigned code.

This is not what dual-boot firmware on PS3 is, and that’s what this video has been made to clarify. Installing dual-boot firmware requires a jailbroken console with CFW already installed, however dual-boot firmware is not a traditional custom firmware. Dual-boot firmware looks and acts exactly like a stock official firmware, with the only difference being it has been pre-patched to allow for a full CFW installation when needed, so you don’t have to go through the entire jailbreaking process from start to finish. Dual-boot firmware does not allow for ANY homebrew or modifications to be run, so what’s the point of it? The point here being this would allow jailbroken PS3 owners to occasionally get back online, in the safest state possible, without fully reverting the console back to a stock official firmware.

This video walks through the process of discussing dual-boot firmware, what exactly it is, and a demonstration of how jailbroken PS3 owners would use it. It isn’t for everyone, but I’m sure many people would appreciate knowing more about it just in case.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction & Explanation
7:17 – Installing DualBoot Firmware
11:36 – Using DualBoot Firmware
16:25 – Installing CFW
20:04 – Final Words


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