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APP2USB Tutorial :

Leeful’s New Version 6 Exploit :

This Tutorial is Specifically for Activating your PS4 with PSN Activation, To use the Backup/ Restore Save Options in the PS4.

This is NOT for :
– Going online and accessing PSN
– Installing Updates from PSN

This is FOR :
– Backing Up Save Games
– Restoring Save Games

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Link with Necessary Files : (Shortened Google-Drive Link)
PSN Offline Activator (In the zip file)
HEX Editor (In the zip file)

PS: Ignore the .DS_Store files inside (It’s common when you’re using a Mac)

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Happy Gaming!

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Leeful Update v6
00:56 – Clearing Facts
1:08 – Benefits of Activating
1:55 – Precautions
3:58 – Let’s Get Activating
7:15 – Testing Activation
9:21 – Experiment Primary Account
10:02 – Creating a Fake PSN ID
12:50 – Important Points
17:01 – Upcoming Videos