In this video, I’ll attempt to perform a screen replacement for a WTT Subscriber. I’m no expert on this kind of repair but hopefully it will be helpful to those that are having similar issues. I’ve seen a few posts in recent weeks where folks have had display issues and hopefully this video can help. This unit was received from a WTT subscriber for a donation to the channel. Instead, I decided to fix it and return it.

If you need a more detailed tear-down video, please see this:

Considering an RG-350? I highly recommend the RG-350M from TomTop here (~$110 USD):

*NOTE: I don’t do this kind of work normally, there may be mistakes that were made. I like making YouTube videos to help others solve problems such as this one.

MORE RG-350 Tips
RG-350 Tips page:

Heat Gun Used in this video
Genesis GHG1500A 12.5 Amp Dual-Temperature Heat Gun Kit with High and Low Settings (I used LOW Settings):

Places to get RG-350(&M) Replacement Parts:

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