If you ask me what is the most expected open-source retro handheld in 2020, I would say, it is RG351. Rumors to RG351 never stops, I gathered some news and information to the unit from the Chinese Baidu forum.

RG351 opts for a 3.5” 320×480 resolution OCA display. Battery capacity is 3300-3500mah, it’s appreciated.

There are some changes that differ from RG350P.
a) it swapped the location of the volume and power switch.
b)the physical volume button transforms to a wheel design.
c)dual Type-C OTG port, available for connecting gamepad
d) RG351 removed HDMI output port.
e)it seems that RG351 has only one TF card slot.

What about the additional function?
– built-in WiFi
– vibration
– low power indicator
– heat dissipation

Rumors that the RG351 plastic will be available at the end of August, but some say maybe in October, the date is not yet known. Details and specifications may change until it releases.

It’s no doubt that RG351 will be the best RK3326 device this year, it is the only one that equipped dual rocker, big battery capacity and built-in WiFi function, those are enough attractive for many users, at least to me, it is tempting. I wish RG351 can launch as soon as possible, what’s your idea? Share with me in the comment section!