Everyone is talking about the coming retro game devices, at the same time, RK2020 did one thing that nobody expected–they release an aluminum version of RK2020! In this video, we will share the newest and firsthand information about Aluminum RK2020 with you.

Buy aluminum RK2020: https://bit.ly/2Y0JODp

Overall, the aluminum RK2020 colored the ABXY buttons and removed the reset button, adds two pieces of silicone pads on the back as RG280M did. The whole machine looks much concise and neater. It has a completely different feeling from the plastic version.

Charging issues, like slow charging speed, off charging and overheating, have been greatly improved after testing. It can be fully charged at 2 hours or more, it also supports fast charging, so I recommend you can charge with a quicker charger, it will have a more obvious result.

Is the aluminum RK2020 is what you expect? Welcome to join us to have a discussion.