Lots of people use SimpleMenu for their RG350 devices, but how do the other frontends work? This video breaks down all of the features of 350teric (“Esoteric”), the easiest frontend of them all.

Click here for the full installation and configuration guide: https://retrogamecorps.com/2020/09/26/guide-350teric-esoteric-frontend-on-the-rg350/

00:00 introduction
00:51 box art
01:07 edit titles
01:38 gameplay test
02:13 favorites function
02:51 testing skins
07:55 conclusion

Note that in this video I mention that 320×240 is the max resolution, but I’ve since learned how to get a 640×480 resolution for the RG350M; I’ve updated the written guide linked above.

Intro theme song sampled from “Hexadecimal Genome” by Bit Shifter:

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