FunTuna is a variant of Project Fortuna, a known FreeMCBoot alternative designed to work on all Slim models, including the later SCPH-90000 series systems! FunTuna makes use of Fortuna to work on every PS2 Slim while also bringing the much loved FreeMCBoot frontend to all PS2 Slim owners. If you don’t have an existing entrypoint then installing FunTuna on a memory card has been made infinitely easier thanks to FreeDVDBoot! This doesn’t require you to find a pre-loaded memory card, perform a swap trick, or have a modchip. This method is without a doubt the easiest method of installing FunTuna on a completely unmodified PS2! As long as you have a USB drive on hand and the ability to burn a DVD, you’re all set assuming you have a compatible console.

Keep in mind that FreeDVDBoot is completely reliant on the specific DVD Player version your PlayStation 2 has. With time FreeDVDBoot will be ported to work on more consoles, but for the time being you need to make sure your console is on a specific version. At the moment, every Slim console works with this method, with more support expected for Phat consoles.

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0:00 – Introduction & Explanation
1:26 – Prerequisites
2:44 – FreeDVDBoot Setup
4:44 – FunTuna Setup
8:10 – Installing FunTuna
11:45 – Using FunTuna


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