Auto HEN Installer is an alternative method of installing PS3HEN which might be more successful for anyone having trouble with the standard PS3HEN installers. Several users have not had success using the standard PS3HEN installer on PS3Xploit’s site, others have run into issues with the alternative PS3HEN installer. One notable issue the alternative PS3HEN installer could present is wiping out all of the options within the Network column of the XMB! For anyone running into issues like this, Auto HEN Installer provides an alternative method of installation all over your local area network. Keep in mind that while this is technically an offline installer, meaning your PS3 will not need full internet access, your PS3 still needs local network access to whichever device you host Auto HEN Installer on! This method is also a bit more complex than using the installers available on PS3Xploit’s site due to setting up a local server to host a few files, so I would only recommend using Auto HEN Installer if you have exhausted your options with PS3Xploit’s installers.

Keep in mind this is not the equivalent of a full custom firmware (CFW) or Jailbreak! PS3HEN does not have the full access CFW contains, but much of the functionality people are looking for is readily available in PS3HEN. Not all homebrew will work on PS3HEN, some of it will require either resigning to 3.55 or will need an update from the author.

As a final warning directly from the PS3Xploit team themselves: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ENABLE FSM (Factory Service Mode) OR INSTALL CCAPI ON A PS3 WITH PS3HEN!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction & Prerequisites
3:39 – Downloads
6:07 – XAMPP Web Server Setup
11:43 – HFW Setup
15:24 – Installing HFW
17:22 – Installing PS3HEN
19:57 – Installing PS3HEN.BIN to Flash


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