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PLEASE NOTE : This Release is still an “UNOFFICIAL” Release. There is a Huge controversy in the community about if this is Accepted or Not. Here’s to break it down, 84ciss as I’ve covered in my previous video : https://youtu.be/jBVCodEH56I Does have a bad reputed past about his releases.

Plain & Simple, Al-Azif completely rejects this release & claims any work from this Developer is harmful & unsafe.

Since there’s a new developer @crono working with @84ciss – Things have been ironed out & Leeful after testing it has mentioned it was ‘OK’

However Guys, Just sharing the Update & My Experience with you through this Video. NOTE : USE AT YOUR OWN RISK [This is just an Informative Video]

If you’d like to, Then I’d suggest wait for Leeful’s Next Update – I’ll be covering that as well. And Testing Dark-Modder’s New Release!

PS : I might have lost count in between but rest assured that was a lot of Tests Back-to-Back 🙂

Links :

HEN 2.2.4 Link : (Updated again to Version 2 – Post this video for better Stability)

Leeful’s Beta Link :

If You’d Like to Buy me a Coffee as a ‘Thank-You’ :

Remote Package Installer Tutorial :

Remote Play Tutorial :

App2USB Tutorial :

PSN Offline Activate Tutorial :

00:00 – Introduction
1:23 – Leeful’s New Beta
1:55 – Offline Host Attempts
3:48 – Trophy Issues Fix
6:56 – De La La
8:40 – HEN 2.2.4 Verdict
9:05 – Online Attempts
10:39 – Online Verdict

PS : I’m aware this test more so puts the exploit on trial than the HEN itself, However – This video is to cover the update and share my own experience of trying to run it over the amount of times I have.