Packing a punch this month with a slew of topics ranging from the PS4 to PS2, Vita, Switch, and… Pregnancy tests? The much anticipated 6.72 jailbreak for PS4 has released and is slowly becoming more stable with each update to the jailbreak itself. The PS2 also got some great updated support in the form of FunTuna, a fork of Fortuna which now truly allows for FreeMCBoot on EVERY PS2 Slim without the need for a hardmod! FreeDVDBoot also has been backported to more DVD Player versions, meaning phat PS2 consoles are slowly but surely gaining support for it. PS4 firmware downgrading isn’t possible (yet) but we’re getting close with a confirmed firmware reverting method now out in the wild! We also now have an awesome new plugin to clean up PSP games on the Vita like never before. Finally, some Switch news, some of it bad news, and some of it just… Weird and out of nowhere? Stay tuned.




0:00 – Introduction
1:47 – PS4 6.72 Jailbreak Released
7:19 – FreeDVDBoot Gets Phat PS2 Support
9:49 – FunTuna for PS2 Released
11:36 – Nintendo Threatens Repair Shop for Advertising SX Core/Lite Installs
22:03 – DragonInjector C&D from Nintendo
27:43 – Egg NS Switch Emulator for Android
33:05 – GE Patch for Vita Released
36:18 – PS4 Firmware Reverting Confirmed
44:50 – Pregnancy Test Doom


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