Raspberry Pi GP430- a video game console supports online TV, external gamepad, keyboard, and HDMI video output. It seems like the unit meets all requirements that retro gamers are longing for, is it really good?

Key Specs
CPU: Quad-core CPU,1.2GHz
ARM: ARM Cortex-A53, 1GM RAM
Memory: Built-in 64G Micro SD Card
TF Card: Support TF Card expansion to 256GB
Motherboard: Powered by Raspberry Pi CM-3
Screen: 4.3 Inch IPS screen(800×480),full-viewing 170°-170°,game speed 1:1,60Hz;
Weight: 250G
Battery: 5000MAh high-performance lithium battery
Charging Input:5V 2A
Feature1: PCM5100/02 high-quality Hi-Fi sound card chip and support automatic switching between speakers and headphones
Feature2: Support for KODI, you can watch TV and videos online
Feature3: Support for Steam streaming box projection
Feature4: Support Mini HDMI video output, max to 1080*720P
Feature5: Support Type-C fast charge
Feature6: Support OTG external function, you can connect gamepad, USB keyboard, wireless mouse, etc.

If a 3.5-inch screen tortures you, you can get a High-Definition and functional video game console at $170. It allows you to browse Youtube, watch TV, play with your friends…but I will give a low grade to its running speed. Of course, if you don’t care much about the DC or PSP, that’s a really good retro device.