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In this video, we take a look at the upcoming NeoGeo MVS X arcade cabinet / Bar Top!
This cab comes preloaded with 50 awesome Neo Geo Games and is obviously models after the legendary MVS Arcade cabinet!
With a 17 Inch Screen dual stereo speakers 2 player control deck and 50 games, this is looking like an awesome little unit but is it worth the Price? Should you buy one? Let’s find out.

This review unit was sent over from the manufacture, I am not being paid to make this video it was simply sent over for review and I have to send it back once I’m finished.

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NeoGeo MVSX Game List:
* The King Of Fighters ’94
* The King Of Fighters ’95
* The King Of Fighters ’96
* The King Of Fighters ’97
* The King Of Fighters ’98
* The King Of Fighters ’99
* The King Of Fighters 2000
* The King Of Fighters 2001
* The King Of Fighters 2002
* The King Of Fighters 2003
* Metal Slug
* Metal Slug 2
* Metal Slug 3
* Metal Slug 4
* Metal Slug 5
* Metal Slug X
* Samurai Shodown
* Samurai Shodown II
* Samurai Shodown III
* Samurai Shodown IV
* Samurai Shodown V
* Samurai Shodown V Special
* Fatal Fury
* Fatal Fury 2
* Fatal Fury 3
* Fatal Fury Special
* Real Bout Fatal Fury
* Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
* Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
* Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
* World Heroes
* World Heroes 2
* World Heroes 2 Jet
* World Heroes Perfect
* Art Of Fighting
* Art Of Fighting 3
* Sengoku
* Sengoku 2
* Sengoku 3
* Savage Reign
* Magician Lord
* The Last Blade
* The Last Blade 2
* Kizuna Encounter
* Shock Troopers
* Super Sidekicks
* Top Player’s Golf
* 3 Count Bout
* Baseball Stars Professional
* Football Frenzy

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