Testing the NightKing Host & A Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Host! And DarkModder Just updated his Host! Tune in and Checkout the Stability Test of NightKing.

Night-King Web Host :

Night-King DNS :
Primary :
Secondary : (Leave as is)

PS4 V2 Host (Upcoming Next Week)
Team of Devs :
– @ArkSama ( KamuiSama )
– @84ciss (Mugiwara)
– @68Logic

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Please Note :
– This is just an Informational Video, Sharing my experience of Testing out an update/release so that you guys can see and decide if you’d like to try it out. Whatever you do, Do at your own risk.
– I Understand this is just a Host, You can choose to go with whatever version of HEN you prefer from the same website Such as the Official HEN 2.1.3 or the Updated or otherwise labeled ‘Unofficial’ HEN versions 3.0.0 etc
– Always Highly Suggest you to PSN Activate your PS4 with my Tutorial Above to officially Backup all your Save-Games & Do Database Backup before trying something new just incase anything goes side-ways. Better Safe than Sorry.

00:00 – Introduction
00:13 – Sneak Peak
00:57 – HEN Update Information
1:27 – Variations in PS4
3:05 – Night King Exploit
3:16 – Web Method
4:01 – DNS Method
5:07 – Web Method Testing
7:10 – DNS Method Testing
8:46 – Verdict
8:58 – DarkModder’s Update
9:22 – Conclusion

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