We’re less than two weeks away from PlayStation 5’s launch! So unsurprisingly, we have a ton of news to cover. Demon’s Souls, Sackboy A Big Adventure, Final Fantasy XVI, Destruction AllStars, tons of PS5 game news. We also got Sony’s Q2 2020 Financial report, and PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says some predictable (but still noteworthy) things. Like acquiring more studios! We also saw Mark Wahlberg’s mustache. Bout time. Oh yeah there’s PlayStation Plus stuff too. Honestly there’s just a lot, I’ll leave the timestamps and let you all do your thing. Seacrest out.

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0:00 – Intro & November PS Plus
1:14 – Two More Games Added To PS Plus Collection
1:51 – PS Plus Collection Games Stay With You
3:14 – PS5 Press Embargo Lifts (A little)
3:42 – PS5 Trophy Video Clip Feature
4:56 – New PlayStation Mobile App
5:53 – More Free PSN Avatars Added
6:17 – How To Claim Your PS4 Camera Adapter For PS5
7:40 – Destruction AllStars Delayed o PS Plus
9:58 – Sackboy: A Big Adventure New Details
11:19 – Demon’s Souls New Details
12:34 – Final Fantasy XVI New Details
13:47 – PS5 x Travis Scott
14:40 – PLEX Coming To PS5 Launch
14:59 – Uncharted Movie Wraps Up Filming
15:55 – Mark Cerny Is A Straight G
16:39 – PlayStation Malaysia Job Listing Hint
18:23 – The Last of Us Remastered Patched For PS5
19:21 – PlayStation Boss On Acquiring More Studios
21:05 – PS5 Demand Exceeding PS4
22:30 – Sony Aiming To Outsell PS4’s First Four Months
23:15 – Total PS4 Worldwide Sales Update
24:03 – PS Plus Subscribers Update
24:23 – PS5 Expected To Sell At Slight Loss
25:05 – Sony Commits To Accessibility On PS5
26:21 – New Company Making Custom PS5 Plates
28:15 – Let’s Talk Plus
28:37 – Housekeeping

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