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In 2015, Revo K101 appeared in a very short time on the retro game console market. It’s well-known for its GBA hardware clone and unique out shell, which is similar to the classic FC controller. Besides, they will release an original GBA indigo edition, as like RG351P. In today’s video, I’ll introduce more details for you about the brand new Revo K101 plus.

What’s in the box?
First look
Final words

Global hotkey: Brightness button
+A= autofire on
+B= cheats on/off
+X= autofire off
+Y= Exit game
+START= Save to SD card
+Up= RTC on/off
+Down= Screen aspect-ratio
+L= In-game menu
+R=Sleep mode

It has 8 brightness setting modes and 3 resolution scaling: 4:3, 3:2 (320×213), original GBA (240×160). Cheat code and RTC are available on this device. It supports multiplayer on two Revo devices. Not only GBA, K101 plus also supports PC Engine, Game Gear, NES emulator. Performance is different in each emulator, I think it caused by incomplete compatibility.

K101+ is not powerful enough to support various emulations, it targets at GBA and allows us to reminisce about childhood. What’s your idea to Revo K101+?