The Xbox Series S is the cheaper option going into next generation and there have been a lot of questions around how strong the system really is. Well it looks like now one developer is talking about the console pushing 4K in their game. Nintendo has been getting hit with leaks of older games from the Super Nintendo and Wii, but now it looks like a prototype of a game has leaked out that isn’t even a year old yet.

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00:00 – Start

00:44 – Outer Worlds Switch Patch

2:20 – Ghost Of Tsushima Job Listing

3:53 – Fortnite Update

5:12 – Xbox Series S Info

9:24 – Pokemon Sword 2018 Build Leaks

12:25 – Ubisoft Cross Play

14:20 – Scorn Gameplay Reveal

16:08 – Comment Of The Day

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