Get a glimpse of 13 minutes of Godfall Gameplay on the PlayStation 5 including the first boss fight against Solaris. We use 3 weapons during this clip including a longsword, dual blades, as well as a 2-handed mace.

If you’re picking up a PlayStation 5 this week, you might be interested in checking out the launch title Godfall, which is published by Borderlands company Gearbox. 

We’ve got a new video where we show off 14 minutes of gameplay from the next-generation title, and be sure to stick around to the end to see the game’s first boss fight. The video showcases Godfall’s gorgeous graphics and its fighting mechanics. The game’s striking art style and lovely environments are also on display in the video.

Godfall launches on November 12 for the PS5, and it will also be on PC. The game was developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox.

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0:00 Opening Area
01:24 Longsword Gameplay
04:12 Dual Wield Swords Gameplay
08:18 Boss Fight
09:04 2-Handed Mace Gameplay