The Nintendo Switch emulation scene has been very popular with a couple of emulators playing full retail games without issue. Now it looks like a popular Switch emulator pushed a bit to far after introducing an online component. The Xbox Series S is the cheaper next generation console set for launch next week, but a big drawback for the all digital console is the SSD size and a new posting online shows just how much of the SSD will be available for use.

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00:00 – Start

00:50 – Bakugan Reviews Look Bad

2:13 – Witcher 3 Xbox Series X Load Times

3:32 – GameStop Dance Competition

4:49 – Switch Emulator Yuzu Online Play

9:16 – Xbox Series S Drive Space

12:19 – RE Village PS5 Features

14:40 – Activision Reports Microtransactions For 3 Months

16:38 – Comment Of The Day

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