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The PS5 had a lot of emphasis on how hot the system would operate with a big heatsink and even liquid metal installed at the factory level. Now it looks like some testing has been done to see just how hot the system gets and part of the results are a bit concerning. The big Holiday Switch title Age of Calamity has only been out for a couple of days now but it has already become the best selling warriors game showing just how strong the Zelda franchise really is.

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00:00 – Start

00:55 – Skyrim Mod On Xbox Series X

2:10 – Golden Joysticks Game Of The Year

3:23 – December Games With Gold

4:39 – PS5 Heat Concerns

9:00 – Phil Spencer Interview

12:54 – Age Of Calamity Sales

14:44 – PS5 Games Dumped Online

16:34 – Comment Of The Day

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