In this video we’ll take a look at the new Raspberry Pi 400 Computer Kit (provided by CanaKit), unbox it, set it up and go through a few use-cases! This impressive device is essentially a Raspberry Pi 4 computer built-in to a keyboard form-factor. The computer is very light-weight, all ports go out the back of the unit and has everything you need to get started out of the box -sans a monitor.

You can pickup two different versions, one which includes the power supply, microSD, book, MicroHDMI to HDMI cable, mouse & Pi 400 for $100 USD. Link:

If you don’t need or want all the accessories listed above, for $70 you can get just the Raspberry Pi 400 Computer. Link:

00:00 – Introduction
00:58 – Pi 400 Features
02:22 – Unboxing
03:00 – Port identification
05:00 – Pi 400 Setup
06:21 – PiOS Setup (formerly known as Raspbian)
07:35 – Chromium Testing
09:30 – USB Camera + Zoom meeting
10:13 – Desktop Applications (Calc, Writer, Thonny, etc.)
11:17 – HDMI Resolution Change (1080p)
11:43 – RetroPie quick install / boot
12:56 – Shutdown Pi using Fn + F10
13:00 – Conclusion

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