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The Game Awards is set for this week and we generally get a bunch of new game reveals and it looks like at least one reveal set for this week was leaked out a bit early from Atlus. Nintendo has been dealing with a situation around Smash Bros Melee after a cease and desist was sent stopping a tournament from happening. Now the Splatoon community has joined in causing a live stream to be cancelled at the last minute.

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00:00 – Start

00:54 – Dragon Age At The Game Awards

1:58 – PS5 Pricing Was Not Changed By The Pandemic

3:25 – Astros Playroom Designer Interview

4:53 – Persona 5 Strikers Release Date Leaks

7:19 – Nintnedo Shuts Down Splatoon Tournament

11:37 – CD Projekt Red Strikes Down Videos

14:05 – Sony Talks About Single Player Games

16:37 – Comment Of The Day

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