The Nintendo Switch received a firmware update now moving up to 11.0 adding a new icon to the home screen and grouping together all of the online features into one place. This includes the SNES and NES collections making it easier to go through games leading to speculation that Nintendo could be prepping to bring in another system. The DualSense has a ton of features that have been very impressive so far in games, but a new feature was discovered by accident recording your reaction to unlocking different trophies.

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00:00 – Start

00:53 – PS5 Has 2 Different Fans

2:38 – Sega Nomad Prototype Shown

3:48 – Immortals Fenyx Rising Reviews

4:51 – Switch Update 11.0.0

8:54 – PS5 DualSense Microphone Records When A Trophy Unlocks

11:24 – Doom Eternal Release Date Announced

13:09 – Nintendo Discontinued Their Dock

15:14 – Comment Of The Day

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