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Unlock and unleash the power of the Xbox 360’s original Xbox emulator like never before, thanks to Mathieulh’s effort of revisiting this in 2019! This is for hardmodded JTAG and/or RGH Xbox 360 consoles and enables the backwards compatibility of the original Xbox emulator while introducing several additional features. A primary feature being this modified emulator allows you to boot up ANY original Xbox game on the Xbox 360!

For anyone using a JTAG or RGH console with an already unlocked Xbox emulator, it might be worth revisiting for some additional new features Mathieulh added in. These feature the standard fully unlocked “Regular” files, but also include “HUD” and “HUD_Plugins” versions as well, with additional files featuring experiement 128 MB RAM support as opposed to the standard 64 MB of RAM! My personal recommendation is to utilize the 64 MB “HUD” version for a nice balance between stability and the additional feature of using the full Xbox 360 Guide in-game!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
2:26 – Downloads & Setup
4:46 – Installing Backwards Compatibility Files
7:49 – Usage


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Setting Up Aurora Dashboard on a JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 – Beginner Setup with XeXMenu & DashLaunch:


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