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Today we are going to take a look at the PocketGo S30 retro game console. PG-S30 is pretty similar to the Super Nintendo Controller or 8Bitdo SN30 Pro. The nice shape and low-profile design attract me the most. How’s the build quality? What’s the CPU? What about the performance? Check it in this video!

1:05 Unboxing
1:47 Key specs – What’s the CPU?
2:14 First impression – How’s the build quality?
2:31 Input and layout
3:38 LCD
4:26 PSP Game test
5:59 DC Game test
7:00 PS Game test
8:00 MAME Game test
9:11 Pros and Cons

Key specs
CPU: Quad-Core 1.2GHZ All Winner A33
GPU: Mali400 MP2
Screen: 3.5 inch 480×320 IPS
RAM: 512MB
Storage: External MicroSD
Battery: Built-in 2600 mAh Li-Polymer battery