Customizing the PS5 has been really interesting to gamers with the possibilities of special edition shells or faceplates being a big talking point after Sony shut down the last attempt by a website. Now it looks like dbrand is going to be producing their own faceplates for the PS5 even daring Sony to sue them if they don’t like it. Cyberpunk 2077 has been in news constantly since it released for how poor the launch has been and now lawsuits are starting to pop up with the first lawsuit now being officially filed.

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00:00 – Start

00:44 – Nintendo eShop Struggles

2:15 – Sony Japan Studios Loses Another Developer

3:51 – Silksong Is The Cover Story For Edge

5:10 – Dbrand Announces PS5 Faceplates

8:34 – Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against CD Projekt

11:20 – Japan Sales Charts

14:36 – Linux For The N64 Released Online

16:27 – Comment Of The Day

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