Following up quickly from last week’s episode of ModChat, but I decided to cover some topics here I originally wanted to cover last time around. This time we’re looking at the 35th anniversary Game & Watch being modded as well as some awesome, quietly released homebrewed game ports to the Switch! The Xbox family returns with SMC+ being released and we take a look at the awesome progress Insignia seems to be making. A new game launcher for the PlayStation Vita, and finally the PSX game Driver 2 being ported to… PC? Stay tuned.




0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Game & Watch 35th Anniversary Modded
7:02 – capsterx’s Open Source Game Ports to Switch
12:36 – SMC+ for S-RGH & RGH 1.2
16:47 – Xbox Live 1.0 Sign-In Working on Insignia
19:44 – HexFlow Launcher for Vita
22:54 – Open Source Driver 2 Port to PC
26:39 – Outro


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