The Tempest X Replicade and the USB Charge/change machine are scale replicas of the original classics, though at 1:6th scale. Both Tempest and the Charge machine are getting more difficult to find and prices are much higher on ebay. However, I was able to locate a Tempest at Amazon had the USB Charge Machine and it appears more are coming on New Wave Toys website.

00:00 – Introduction
01:01 – Other New Wave Products / Prices
01:35 – Unboxing Tempest
04:16 – Features and Settings
05:09 – Unboxing Charge Machine
08:42 – Desktop Arcade

New Wave Toys RepliCade UV Base Pad:

Tempest X Replicade:
and Amazon: (limited availability)

USB Charge Machine/Changing Station:
and Amazon: (limited availability)

Not shown in this video, but another item I picked up by New Wave Toys – Insert Coin Keychain (I also really like) :

→→ ←←

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