Yesterday we had the RE Showcase that gave us an extended look at Resident Evil Village along with a new multiplayer mode and exclusive demo that dropped on the PS5 immediately. The demo showcases Capcom’s latest tech with the RE Engine showing off some impressive visuals while getting us ready for the new Resident Evil game. The Nintendo Switch has been on the receiving end of countless lawsuits around the drifting Joy-Cons and after just three weeks into 2021 another lawsuit has hit even calling out the Pro Controller.

News Wave edited by: @KimerexProjekt

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00:00 – Start

00:44 – Gabe Newell Talks Games In Development

2:22 – Modders Working Towards GTA San Andreas On Vita

3:21 – More Square FF7 Trademarks

4:36 – Resident Evil Showcase

9:50 – Another Joy-Con Drift Lawsuit

12:04 – Capcom Revises Revenue Expectations

14:23 – Famitsu Sales

17:28 – Comment Of The Day

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