In this video we’ll investigate the latest gaming service by Amazon, called Luna (in beta). This service will allow you to stream to a number of devices such as the: Fire TV Stick/Cube/Insignia+Toshiba Fire TV, PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad and select Android devices (Android 9+). While the service worked well for most of the base games, some publishers such as Zen (pinball) & Ubisoft had some noticeable lag/latency issues.

My internet connection is typically around 150-200Mbps downstream and 30-80Mbps upstream. Therefore, I don’t expect my internet connection to be the cause of the lag that I experienced. Also, many games played quite well with little “noticeable” lag. Those were primarily the games that were non-Zen/Ubisoft titles and had been on the service longer. I fully expect the lag to be improved in the coming weeks/months.

*NOTE: There is competition in the game streaming space. Google Stadia has been around a bit longer and also something I plan on trying as well. In order to compare apples-to-apples, I’m planning to order their controller, if there is interest. If you want to see a comparison video between Luna vs. Stadia, please comment below and let me know! Why did I choose to start with Luna you might ask? I’m heavily invested in Fire TV sticks and Amazon devices.

Items Shown in this video
* Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle (Amazon: )
* Lepow 15.6 Inch Full HD 1080P USB Type-C Portable Display: (My Video review of this monitor is here: ) – I use it for everything!

* Amazon Luna Service –
* Amazon Luna Supported Devices –

00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – How Luna Works
01:35 – Benefits/Concerns
04:19 – Luna Controller Setup
09:03 – Luna Devices
10:09 – Game Play

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