In this video, we will build a 3D Printed OpenCADE STAR WARS enclosure for the Glen’s Retro Show GRS Yoke ( @Glen Planamento )! We’ll create a single base with side panels, a custom control panel and demonstrate how to assemble it. With OpenCADE and GRS products, you can build it how YOU want it.

For more details, please see the GRS Page here:

Things You’ll need
• GRS Flight Yoke (Amazon: – NOTE: May show unavailable, should be re-stocked soon)
• Moukey 2 PCS C Shape Desk Table Mount Clamp (Amazon: )
• OpenCADE Base – See here: , you can pick a base with no front hole cutouts or one with two front hole cutouts.
• M3 Screws (Amazon: )
• M3 Nuts (Amazon: )
*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Features of the Yoke
02:07 – What is needed
03:13 – Assembly
08:00 – STAR WARS: Squadrons gameplay

Models (.STL’s) for 3D Printing:
* GRS Flight Yoke Control Panel and side supports:
* OpenCADE base may be found here (with or without front holes):

Glen’s Retro Show videos featuring the GRS Flight Yoke
* Some GRS Star Wars Yoke Gameplay with more then Star Wars –
* GRS ATARI Star Wars Arcade Yoke Controller, Save the Galaxy! –
* GRS Star War’s Flight Yoke test with the Sega Star Wars Trilogy Arcade –

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